We're a Rock band from Berkshire, UK. Beach Community. Debut Album Late 2014.

Today we had some photos taken like a proper band…

Today we had some photos taken like a proper band…

Anonymous asked: I had this cool idea last night, if you guys did a split with Hindsights with songs from both the new albums. Like a taster of the new tracks from the two bands. But looking back on it now I don't think Hindsights have many songs recorded and if you guys haven't fully mastered the tracks yet it might not work out. Worth a shot, I suppose?


Who are you? Hahaha


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Berkshire-based Hindsights released their stunning EP The Thoughts That Weigh Me Down in 2013, and in doing so established themselves as one of the most exciting bands in the thriving British alt/punk rock scene. Later this year they’ll be releasing their highly anticipated follow up to that…

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Tote bags and Foo Fighters rip t shirts.


Big something up and help us out.

We have two shows coming up

July 25th - London w/Great Cynics
July 31st - Bideford w/Gnarwolves

K thnx bai.